The Steps For Providing Anonymity Using Bestmixer

Every year it’s harder and harder to use the Internet anonymous, particularly if we take all actions related to cryptocurrency. So it’s a must for everyone to know how to survive and what to do for preventing any problems with researching companies, government or thieves.

Step 1: Get acquainted with cryptocurrency mixers

The best option for being invisible is to use mixers. Let’s understand their features and way of working on the Bestmixer example.

The algorithm is simple: users send coins using this service as an agent which deletes all personal data. After you’ve sent money and chosen a recipient, currency is mixed with random coins from service funds. As Bestmixer is Tor-friendly and SSL Secured, the level of protection is high.

Step 2: Make sure Bestmixer works

To start mixing coins press a huge red button on the main page. Then, choose a coin type, enter an address, choose a pool with coins, regulate the transfer delay and put the amount of currency you send and receive to calculate the fees.
The service offers 3 coins: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. There’ll be Ethereum soon.
There’re also 3 pools for mixing: Alpha, Beta and Gamma. The difference is in currency origin. The first one has only clients’ money, the second one combines users’ and investors’ money and the last pool allows mixing only with investments.

The minimum transfer delay is 0 min. and the maximum is 48 hr.
All fees are available in a special section. Bestmixer gives discounts so you can save some money.

Step 3: Integrate it into your platform

As the service provides the REST API, you can use it on your own website for free.
Following these 3 simple steps, you can reach the highest level of protection.