Top Tips to Increase Profits in Crypto Earning

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We know some things which will make your earnings bigger. Some of them may be familiar to you, but we hope to give you at least one new tip.

Invest money in new coins

Sometimes the risk is needed. That’s why we recommend following the latest news. Services like ICO catalog will help to estimate the potential profits and compare the tokens. This website collects objective facts about cryptocurrency and represents in in tables and calendars. Sometimes new tokens bring more than those which seem to be reliable.

Use new exchange techniques

Almost everyone has heard about altcoin exchange, but not many people have tried it. As some experts predict, altcoin will replace the usual exchanges. It allows investors to send coins directly and, as a result, increases the earnings.

Create your own crypto

Of course, it takes months of hard work to make new ICO, but it’s worth it. If you find a great team and work out all the details like Whitepaper and project description and goals, wait for big money. The key is in being able to wait until the product is absolutely finished and ready for attracting investors. You can publish new cryptocurrency on the mentioned website, ICO catalog, and appear in their lists at once.

Be on the lookout

Earning is important but saving the income is a key. Because of that, use only safe services. All mixing services should be SSL protected. Choose wallets which are protected by QR code, this decreases a probability of being hacked.