Top-3 Differences Between Paid and Free WordPress Plugins | Supsystic

Hesitating whether to buy plugins or not? Today you will be able to see all the pros and cons and make a decision. Why PRO plugins by Supsystic are so good and how they differ from free options?

Web developers know that WordPress is not an independent platform, in the case that there is a need for downloading additional plugins. Some of them are available absolutely for free, others cost some dollars in a month or in a year. But why are they different and which of them it is better to use?

The number of features

The most obvious differences in how many functions you will get if you download a free option or pay money for it. To have an example we have opened a page with a live chat plugin and this is what we saw:

–    Paid option shows rating when a free one – no.

–    Free option does not include the registration fields for a customer.

–    There is a statistics in a paid version, while it is not included in a free one.

And this story repeats with almost all other plugins.

Protection and the service’s support

As many other websites selling plugins Supsystic offers paid WordPress plugins with premium support. It means that all your questions will be answered faster, the specialists will do everything to decide your problems and provide you with the maximum comfort and the best warranty conditions.

Premium users get a license

It means that you have more rights in using the chosen plugins which are written in the documentation. Right after the purchasing, one will have to press the license numbers. After that, one can use all the features that make your and your clients’ lives easier.