The Best App for Movies and TV Shows

Showbox is something out of this world because it is a free app which allows the users to stream videos totally free. In addition, there is even no need to sign up!
Showbox app download is a very simple process for Android users and a little complicated for the rest. Nevertheless, you can set it up on any platform or operating system. Let’s discuss it step by step.
If you are an Android user, you download the apk installation file. Then you go to your settings and in section “Security”, and make sure you are able to install apps from the unknown sources. Then you run the Showbox installation file and you are good to go.
For the rest of the users, the process will require a different step. You’ll need an emulator. If you have one, run the file in it. In case you don’t, get an Android emulator. The market offers lots of options in different styles and designs. When the installation of Showbox is complete, you’ll see its icon on the main window of the emulator. This is where you’ll open it every time. As you see, it’s not that difficult after all.
Now let’s talk about why you need it in the first place. It differs from all other similar apps by offering the features others cannot.
The app does not need your registration form, your e-mail address or things like this. It was developed for your convenience and designed to be hustle-free. The moment you open it, you immediately access the list of movies. All of them were released in different years, various genres, and, of course, with different names. That’s why you are able to sort them using those criteria. If you value the people’s impression of the movies, you might sort them by rating from IMDB.
After you are done filtering the files and found an interesting movie, you’ll need to make a choice. You can download it and watch anytime; you can add it to a list (e.g. a list of films you are going to watch this weekend) or start streaming online right away.
Now you can share not only impressions but the movies themselves! This is a special feature available for Showbox users.
All in all, this app is incredibly popular, totally free, and with unlimited options.